In a sense, your website is like a home that’s up for sale. If the home is functional and aesthetically pleasing, it’s going to attract a large number of potential buyers. Similarly, if you give your website a good design, it will be in a better position to gain an endless flow of traffic. Impressed visitors are more likely to become long-term customers, and their increased engagement will help to boost the value of your online business.

Good web design combines these three elements:

Visual Appeal and Usability

How attractive is your website? High-quality images and graphics have the power to grab attention right away. But once visitors decide to stay and learn more about your services, they need to be able to explore the website with complete ease. This is why usability is equally important as visual appeal. Studies show that online businesses make more sales when their websites are intuitive, distinct and well structured.


Most visitors use their smartphone or tablet to surf the web and shop online. For this reason, it’s imperative that you make your website responsive so all content adjusts depending on the screen it’s viewed on. Once it becomes mobile friendly, you won’t have to worry about frustrating potential customers. Instead, your layout will function properly across a range of platforms and yield an optimal experience. Everything will be fluid, including your videos and images.

Interactive Tools

Can potential customers ask questions, share their concerns and give feedback? In one way or another, they should be able to on your website. This is where interactive tools can help. Depending on what kind of online business you have, the implementation of one of these tools will be enough to give your visitors a new experience.